About Us

BGE Store returns to Budapest Business School after 2 years of inactivity!

Our task is to distribute products of our own image at one of the largest and most famous universities in Hungary, Budapest Business School, distinguishing the professional image of the four university faculties. With an unprecedented range of products, excellent quality and a professional team, we are waiting for you personally in our outings.


The purchased products are delivered to you personally at our university outings and by mail.

Increased traffic

It is important to note that the production time of the products is 2-3 weeks, but this time may increase in the autumn and near Christmas. We kindly ask you to be patient with us if you have not received your package in time to contact us for more information about shipping the package.

What you should know before buying!

We consider it important that students not only communicate through social media, but also listen to their opinions and experiences personally. That is why we organize weekly exits at the faculties of PSZK, KVIK and KKK. On these occasions, you can view and try the products or take them in person.

In all cases, the purchase of the products can be done via the webshop and only with BANK CARD or PRE-BOOKING! Cash payment is not possible! At our locations, our colleagues are happy to help and order the products you choose on the spot, but we ask everyone to take into account the 2-3 week delivery time, because we do not have a stock, or only a very small amount at the stands.

Dates for resettlement on 2019.02.05:

05/02/2019. Tuesday - KKK - 
06/02/2019. Wednesday - PSZK - 
07/02/2019. Thursday - KVIK - 

Custom requests

It is also possible to create unique t-shirts, sweaters and other ideas. In this case, come and meet us at our stand.

We hope you enjoy our products :)